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everyday classics leather goods

Find a belt or bag that you can wear everyday! Browse through our Everyday Classics collection.

Everyday Classics

35043 Vicky | Double C Ring Buckle Leather Belt


45501 Pip | Vintage Round Buckle Leather Belt


PREORDER 60602 Julia | Women's Wide Leather Waist Belt for Dresses with Gold Accents


PREORDER 50601 Sylvie | Grommet Studded Wide Waist Belt for Women with Statement Buckle


PREORDER 50600 Sofie | Grommet Studded Leather Waist Belt for Women with Square Buckle


PREORDER 40621 Andrea | Women's Classic Leather Jeans Belt with Statement Gold Buckle


PREORDER 40620 Jip | Slimming Buckle-less Leather Belt for Jeans & Dresses


PREORDER 20600 Ank | Women's Skinny Leather Belt for Jeans with Gold Buckle & Keeper


40040 Robyn| Classic Vintage Gold Buckle Leather Belt for Jeans


40037 Jodi | Statement Buckle Classic Leather Belt