About Us

Did you know that Amsterdam Heritage has been creating quality leather products since 2016? Although we have a Dutch name, our brand started in the United States because our Dutch owner from Amsterdam has been living in Miami, Florida, for many years. After all these years of being active in the American market, with our leather belts, bags, and accessories found in hundreds of American stores and worn by thousands of American consumers, we thought it would be fun to return to our Dutch roots and offer our products in Europe as well.

Our designs and a large part of our production take place in the Netherlands, so many of our products bear the label "Handmade in the Netherlands." Additionally, we use a lot of high-quality Italian leather for our products, which is vegetable-tanned and comes from certified tanneries (LWG). You will often see the mention "Vegetable-Tanned Italian Full-Grain Leather" on our products.

We also collaborate with craftsmen from around the world to make our designs even better. We aim to mix our heritage with influences from various cultures, resulting in truly unique products. We have now expanded our product category to include men's clothing and beautiful leather jackets for both men and women. We hope to see you soon when you are looking for a beautiful leather jacket, bag, or belt!